Non-Competition and Trade Secrets Litigation

Protecting Your Key Assets: Your Employees, Trade Secrets and Intellectual Property

For businesses today, your most valuable assets are your key employees.  Your team interacts daily with your customers and knows your trade secrets and other critical company information.  What happens to your business when your key employees defect to competitors, with co-workers stealing your trade secrets and intellectual investment?  What will your customers do when they learn that your trusted employees now compete with you?  What can you do to protect your intellectual property and your company from defecting key team members?

Non-compete Agreements

We draft and enforce your non-compete, trade secrets and confidentiality agreements and other agreements designed to protect your business.  We consistently win litigation when key ex-employees unfairly compete.  Frequently, employee defections involve the improper removal or other misappropriation of computer and customer data.  We have prevented, detected and stopped such information technology misconduct.  Disputes can arise in the sale-of-a business regarding future competition.  We are here to help you in those disputes and contracts.  Disputes often pop up with franchises, licenses, distributors and other contracts.  We are here to help you, too. Sometimes other employers may suspect that you improperly took their employees and we can help there, as well.

We have lawyers statewide in Florida and with a nationwide reach to protect your key employees, assets, and trade secrets from unfair competition.  When it comes to litigation, we can deploy our lawyers from one or more of our many offices throughout Florida and nationwide to enforce agreements, which protect your key assets.  We regularly win litigation and appeals of local and nationwide non-compete cases, including emergency and  preliminary injunction hearings.  Our lawyers have extensive experience litigating non-competition and trade secrets/confidential information cases, in many industries.  For example, these industries include:  technology, communications, health care, financial services, staffing, hospitality, entertainment, professional services, advertising, chemicals and other industries.  Our lawyers also regularly counsel clients about drafting executive compensation agreements and purchase agreements.  We cover competition, solicitation, piracy of co-workers, confidentiality, intellectual property and similar obligations, all to fully protect your key assets.



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